I remember everything about you..
Yes I do!
I remember you looking at me and smiling whenever
our eyes met..
I remember your possesiveness for me and the irrevocable love that you gave me till your last breath…
I remember you leaning against me and telling me how your day went..
I remember how you made me eat my food with your hands whenever I skipped my meals..
I remember how you often slept off holding my hand with your head on my shoulders..
I remember the way you took intrest in even my smallest of things..
I remember how you helped me learn my speeches..
I remember us looking at the sky and identifying the constellations. .
I remember how you became my “forever” ..
I remember standing helpless in front of you when they covered you in white..
I remember how mych I cried when you left me alone to face the world..
I remember your touch, your gazes, your kisses, sudden hugs, tears, love and commitment..
I remember everything about you!
Oh yes I do…
For a part of you will always live in me!


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