The Stranger

What happens when you come across someone who is different but yet perfect in every sense? What happens that even after losing so much you tend to fall in love again?

20th august 2016

The unexpected happened!

It was a very usual day. I was again on the move to an event in gurgaon. Reached there..had some breakfast. Believe me the cutlets were too delicious. Moving up the stairs of my host school, I could see students dressing up as volunteers and doing everything to keep lost ones like me on track. So finally I made it to my committee room ECOSOC. As I opened the gate I could see delegates moving here and there ; finding their country.  I was trying to find mine ..MEXICO. I could see the volunteers and committee members helping out. I had reached the other side of the room when I saw the gate open. He black hair fell in front of her face as she  looked down for something. Her eyes like a vast ocean. She was beautiful and for some reason her aura pulled me towards her. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was the delegate of UK . The committee started with lots of opening speeches. I gave was her chance. I gazed at her as she reached the podium. “ Respected chairperson….” . Her voice was attractive and it got added in the list of reasons which made me fall for her more. During the questionnaire round, when answering questions ..she would place her left arm on her waist giving an image of a smart but dominating one..and yes she cute looked that way!

That was my first distracting day ever!

The second day ..i kept on looking at the direction of the gate. The delegate of UK ..

And then she appeared in an Indian attire..A green saari  with a streak of blue in it. I smiled. I never knew God had been showering angels too. She was smart..beautiful..and perfect in every sense and for some reason I felt jealous of any guy coming close to her. I craved for her..her touch..her lips..her smile..

The day ended.

I was moving towards the exit gate when I stopped..

I took a deep breath and turned back.. I could see her smiling and talking to others.

I would never see her again. I thought. Should I tell her how I feel?

I smiled..and looked away. My steps moving faster as I opened the gate and went away ..from her..

Was it love?


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