While standing near the rivers shore, I see the little droplets entering the big mass with so much affection which made the river shrill so fast.A soft breeze takes me aback to the cluster of my unforgettable past.I close my eyes trying to forget those painfall memories, but my attempts fail everytime for its effects were so strong.She will never know why I went away.Tears flushed down my cheeks boasting away my pain which I couldn’t hold any longer.An aroma of pain surrounded me.My fists tightened on thinking about my decided fate. She was snatched away from me. The evil has won..As the Twilight approaches,the sky is filled with pink color.The river called me for the first time. I take one step forward and opened my eyes. Laughing at myself,I collide with the river, I proceed down and down  with my memories shredding away. Touching the bottom I close my eyes, finally peeking into my dissolving mind from where she was going,leaving me forever. Her angel like charm, her face,her friendship everything was disappearing.I wanted to stop her but the pace of time did not allow me to do so..I was so tangled in myself….. And then she disappeared.I cant feel anything now.  Everything is numb.. I looked up for the last time and felt my memories shredding away from the mind.A strange smile covered my face…Finally my eyes closed and my body lay lifeless in Poseidons lap.NUMB!




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