We are lost in each other’s eyes. The blue in her eyes is beautiful..She is beautiful. The fresh,cool grass beneath us reminds us of the reality we are living in. I am happy… Being with her feels amazing. She smiles and puts her hand on my cheeks, slowly moving her palm up and down my face.

“Thanx!” she says, now closing her eyes and moving near me. I wrap my arms around her as she burries her face on my neck.

“For what?” I reply. I could now feel her breath and her heartbeat as well.

“For loving me more than anyone and above all..for being there when the whole world was against me.” She said. Suddenly the wind  starts blowing and everything starts turning into a blur.

“No..” I  yell as she smiles. Tears start falling down  her cheeks. Her hand reaches for mine.

“Its okay..Be good..always!” says she.Tears don’t stop, the smile though fades away. The chilling wind starts dragging her along with it. Suddenly I find myself in an empty space with no one there to hold me up. I feel some moist on my cheeks. The fan above me is making a noise which I don’t want to bear. My eyes open..with tears in them.

She died,I survived.

Because I survived,I died everyday!


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