Created Then Crushed

There was a boy and a girl who were immensely in love with each other..they had dreams to fulfill. They shared moments with each other..moments so special and so deep that..noone could ever imagine something beautiful like that.They were with each other during their worst time and their good times. They beared all..sacrificed things for each other. But there was something the boy didn’t know..The girl..she was dying with each passing day. But her love was such..that all she cared about was his happiness. She smiled ..stayed strong throughout. Then it happened..the cruel god took his life away from him..his everything..That girl left the boy forever!! ..Leaving behind..Memories!!!! :’)

She died..He survived..Because he survived..he died everyday!

The boy was shattered..He cried..hurted himself..begged god to take him away so that he can be with his princess!! But he was left alone..ALL ALONE!!! And the tears never forgot to flow down his cheeks..

Her Departure left a deep impact on him..He was living..but he had no soul!!

The boy always woke up at night..yelling her name!! He wanted the pain to go away..He wanted her. People tried to erase her memories from his mind but they couldn’t. She was his FOREVER!!

2 years later…

27th December 2015..SOMETHING HAPPENED!!

The boy was taking a walk..The wind that day..was chilling!!

Suddenly his focus turned towards one of the swings in the park.. Someone was looking right at him. A girl..She was in black that day.. Their eyes met..and for the first time in 2 years, he smiled!

That moment did something..Was happiness going to knock at his door once again??

The boy approached her..For some reason he felt a lump in his throat..He felt a certain uneasiness!! He told himself that he cant fall for anyone again..he just cant..Love for him had died 2 years ago..

But very soon..the boy and the girl on the swings became friends. They started spending time with each other. And the boy?.. He felt loved..after so many years..he was happy..finally!!

The girl made a promise to never leave him matter what happens..she promised to love him..till her last breath!! The problem was..HE BELIEVED!

They would kiss each other..cuddle..The boy was there for her whenever she needed him..he would wipe off her tears whenever she cried..he was there to listen to every problem of hers..

He was ready to leave everything behind..atleast try to do it..JUST FOR THAT GIRL!! ..She was special for him..She meant the world to him..

The girl knew about his past..and because of his past the boy became possessive for her..He didn’t want to lose her.. He believed every word she said..every promise she made!

The boy didn’t want anyone else other than that girl now..He was complete..She was his world..!!

Months passed..he lived in her moments..!

21st May 2016 ..


The girl had left him..The boy..he..

He..felt numb!! The time stopped..he tried hard to stop the tears but they paved their way down his cheeks.. His eyes closed..he fell down.. wished it was just a nightmare..The fate reminded him of his past..The past he can not ever forget now! !

The pain was taking its toll on was unbearable..He trusted the girl..loved her so deeply but now..

He was devastated..weak..What happened to all her love? What happened to the promises she made? Were they really true? Did her kisses really mean something? Or everything was just a setup..something fake!!!

The trauma..that would kill him more with each passing day!

Deep down  inside..he felt cold..he was into an empty space with no one there to hold him up..

What can he do now? Maybe end himself?? :’)

And she..the girl would never realise what she did to him..




10 thoughts on “Created Then Crushed

  1. Thank goodness it’s just a story. Of course I realize this must come from somewhere very deep inside. Bit…do I know heartbreak. True I do not know your exact pain, but I myself have experienced pain so much so that I would rather be alone. Disheartening. Don’t you believe it! People need people! Thanks for the great read. You touched my heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear..i am glad you found this blog good.. 🙂
      I am so sorry that u have experienced pain but just so you need anyone? I am right here..You dont have to be alone dear. World can sometimes be a bad place..depends on whose hand you want to hold on to and continue the journey.. 🙂 ❤
      Whatever i wrote on this blog here..every word of its true and yes i lost a beautiful angel..she was my life! :')

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank God… I found this post!
    I don’t know how you do it but you just evoke the emotions through your writing and find a way to your reader’s heart!
    Loved reading it, though I feel sad for the end…
    But never mind, don’t forget that everything happens for a good reason!

    Liked by 1 person

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